Cook Along

Super Optimized Cooking

Alex is an avid cook and cuisine freak, and often spends a many hours cooking full three course meals for his friends. However, also being a CS major, he felt distraught with the inefficiency of cooking multiple recipes at once, and looked forward to the day where technology would resolve his problem.

With this project we looked to do just that. We optimized cooking multiple recipes at once with limited resources by using language processing and a developed algorithm.

Our service only requires the user to input the urls of their recipes (from the website only) and to indicate how many stoves and/or ovens they have available. Additionally, the user provides us a time by which he/she would like to have all their food ready by.

From the urls we draw the directions for each recipe, and using language processing we find its corresponding time, and whether it uses a stove or an oven or neither. The app, then starts to figure out the most efficient way to end by the given end time in the fastest way possible. This was one of the most challenging part as it required a complex algorithm that would output a timeline or schedule of what the user should do to be the most efficient. However it was also our greatest success, and we are proud of what the implementation of the algorithm can do.

Using Google's Charts Timeline API, we graphically provided the answer to the complex question of kitchen efficiency in the clearest way possible. This is not only a tool that could be great for passionates and hobby cooks, but is also potentially groundbreaking for small restaurants that seek to further their efficiency and provide the fastest customer service.

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