Leap Fashion

Interactive, bright and fanciful LeapMotion-controlled fashion

WINNER: Trunk Club's Most Innovative Way to Connect to Someone

Like many, we believe that fashion should be an expression of self. We also believe that fashion can be even more - it can be fun, interactive, and reflect the influence of the world and the people around us as well. This has driven us to create our project: a tulle confection of a dress embedded with the finest jewels (well, just LED's, because we're college students). Even more, the LED's can be controlled by fashion show audiences and friends with LeapMotion technology, with many fun control schemes. It's a dress that brings joy to more than just the wearer, but to everyone around them.

We were particularly inspired by the trend of infusing high fashion with technology, especially Richard Nicoll's "Tinkerbell" dress, which he showed in the recent London Fashion Week. We decided to try and reverse engineer a similar dress from the result, and make this.

We believe our simple and innovative fashion technology is a great modern idea for a new fashion line startup. Our brand allows people to customize their own favorite technologies' onto their favorite clothings. Technologies we've used here include virtual controls, web integration, and LED's, but so much more can be added. People can be connected to the 'Internet of Things' through just their clothing. Anyone with a Leap Motion sensor can get online on our website and use different hand gestures to control the technology incorporated in our dress during a fashion show. This provides our users a unique and more personal experience of fashion.

Finally, our project coincides with the Internatoinal Year of Light, and we hope to celebrate it with our unusual and fun display as well.

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